Is there any technical climbing involved with ropes and crampons?

No. While the trek is highly challenging, its doable.  There are no ropes, no crampons, no ice axes etc. On the route we’re taking there will be some scrambling, but for the most part think of it as a very strenuous hike.  That being said, the summit day in particular, because of the altitude is one of the most challenging and rewarding exertions of mind and body you will likely experience in life.

How fit do I need to be?

Kilimanjaro like most things in life is challenging but doable. When you start the program in January your fitness level is not as important as it will be when we begin the climb.  That’s why we’re taking 6 months to prepare and condition our bodies and minds to be in top trekking physical condition.

How important is the life challenge v. climbing of Kilimanjaro?

This is a Life Leadership Challenge and its designed so the climbing of Kilimanjaro should be the cherry on top.  My intention is for everyone who participates to have achieved whatever business/life intention they set for themselves before we ever set foot on the mountain.

Is the program just for adrenaline junkies?

No. This is for ordinary men and women with no previous high mountain trekking experience. For some reason, based on who has enrolled so far, its appealing to people who are not typically mountaineering types, but who have always wanted to combine a life/business challenge with a physical/adventure challenge.

How long is the Africa portion of the program?

8 days “door to door” from the West Coast. One full day to get to Tanzania, one day back.  6 days on the mountain.

Who will be on the team?

Hand picked entrepreneurial minded men and women, all of who have something specific they want to get accomplished during the course of this program.  Due to the investment in time and money involved, you can be sure participants will be bringing something important that they either want resolved or accomplished in their business or life.

What if I don't live in the Bay Area?

Anyone in the US is welcome to apply for this challenge. For example one of our participants lives in LA.  He won’t be coming up to the Bay Area for the weekly fitness training, part of his journey will be him being responsible for his own fitness training.

Who is our climbing partner?

Thomson Trekking is the premier Kilimanjaro expert for guiding a successful expeditions.  They are the most safety conscious and knowledgeable expedition outfit on Kilimanjaro. With a guide/porter ratio of 7 staff to each climber we’re getting top notch support on our summit bid. I personally used them on my summit and can’t speak highly enough of them. They will be handling all the logistics and trip preparation for us.

Why is the program 9 months?

This isn’t just about climbing the physical mountain.  The integration period after the climb is one of the most important parts of the program.  The “you” that comes down the mountain is usually not the same “you” that went up.  Your sense of what’s possible and whats really important to you can shift. So we spend the final 2 months of the program back home integrating that learning and creating the foundation for whats next.

Why do I have to apply?

I’m committed to making sure the right people are in this project.  I’m not looking to fill a group.

I want to make sure we have a cohesive team, in that each team member is clear about what they want to get out of the program, and also, what specific skill set or mindset do they bring to the group. We’re going to spend 9 months together so we’re not taking anyone who’s not a clear fit.

How do I know if I’m a fit for this challenge?

You won’t until we have a conversation. This program is not being advertised anywhere, so if you’re here at the site you were referred by someone in my world.  Call me and we can have a conversation about what you’re up to in life and it this challenge would be right for you. You can reach me at 415-448-6234 or kevin@waldronleadership.com